Memberships are stored in our database in alphabetical order by last name. You may apply for a membership in the name of your ranch or business, if you prefer your animals be registered to the name of the company instead of an individual or couple. However, for ease of locating your membership in our system, please also include your name.

Each Active/Life/Transferable Estate membership is entitled to one member vote. Couples are considered one vote unless each person has a separate membership. All communications with members are via email with exception of a yearly dues renewal statement sent USPS. We require both a US Postal address as well as an email address.

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Name you wish shown as owner of cattle on registration certificates
One voter per membership
Type of Membership
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Home, Business, Ranch
Spouse or Ranch Foreman
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Side of Animal Branded
Location on side
Brands may be fire or freeze on hide or imprinted on ear tag. Owners are responsible for replacing lost ear tags.

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