Genuine Texas Longhorn cattle

“You can’t have a successful future without bringing the best of the past forward.”

Three Oaks Ranch breeding program

excellent mothering abilities and longevity

Genuine Texas Longhorn cattle are also a vital DNA bank for future proofing all other cattle breeds. The Texas Longhorns hardiness and adaptability lets it also thrive in locations and climates other breeds hardly survive.

Their ease of calving is legendary with the highest unassisted birth rate of all breeds at 99.7% – stressless birthing means no veterinarian bills and fast re-breeding. High fertility, excellent mothering abilities and longevity makes genuine Longhorns a unique genetic pool. Add to this their natural disease resistance and you are looking at a low maintenance, low input, easy to own breed.

Another plus is the meat of the original Texas Longhorns. Lower in fat and cholesterol compared to other beef it is in line with modern nutritional trends.

And last but not least, real Texas Longhorns are stunning to look at with their spectacular variety of colors and different shapes of horns.

The past confers the CTLR its history and the future bequeaths us the mission.

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