Texas Longhorn Texas State Large Mammal

Hereford History article from 1920

likely explanation for H14Y1 haplotype in Yates bulls

Commemmorative sculpture at historic Waco Suspension Bridge in memory of Judge William Markham Sleeper

History of the Texas Longhorn through DNA research by Emily Jane McTavish published in the Proceedings of the National Acedemy of Sciences

Fort Robinson State Park in Nebraska is presented with a CTLR Appreciation Award

Old Blue by Veryl Goodnight

Les Mallory honored by ICA

A Dying Breed? 2002 The Alcalde article

publication of the University of Texas Exes association

Longhorn Legacy

Graves Peeler and the Texas Cattle Trade

by Lawrence Clayton

Graves Peeler, brand inspector for the Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association, prime mover in saving a piece of western Americana--the Longhorn breed of cattle, and hunter/collector of wild game and primitive artifacts is the subject of this interesting biography.

We have received permission from heirs of the author to reprint this small book. Proceeds from its sale will benefit the Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy, a public charity whose mission is to engage in scientific and historical research, education and other charitable purposes associated with Texas Longhorn cattle.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this 54-page book, please visit ctlc.org store.

The Texas Longhorn

This brochure was printed in July 1971 by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior and describes the Texas Longhorn cattle that roam the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

The Genetics of Coloration in Texas Longhorns

An in-depth series on frequency of color patterns by David M. Hillis, an Alfred W. Roark Centennial Professor at The University of Texas at Austin.

Big Bend Ranch State Park Handout

This informative handout defines trail drive etiquette, gives an informative history of the Texas Longhorn and describes how these cattle benefit the brittle environment.

History of the Texas Longhorns

This history, by Alan Hoyt, follows the trail of the Texas Longhorns from the arrival of their ancestors to North America centuries ago.

Few books have been written about Texas Longhorn cattle containing accurate facts about their history with exception of The Longhorns by J. Frank Dobie, published in 1941 and considered a classic in longhorn circles.  For historical accuracy of research, we also reccommend The Criollo Spanish Cattle in the Americas by John E. Rouse 1977 and Gathering Texas Gold, J. Frank Dobie and The Men Who Saved the Longhorn by Terrence J. Barragy 2003.  End notes from Barragy's book

Origin Of The Texas Longhorn

article by Andrew Dilworth 1962

Alan Rogers Longhorn Museum

Developing a Livestock Management Plan

Essence of Holistic Management

AP News article on Texas Longhorn purity with quotes from CTLR registrar and past president.

Longhorn Musings by Bebe & Sissy Fensermaker


Official State of Texas Longhorn Herd

Doss Heritage & Cultural Center

uShip Animal Transport

Three Cowboy Corner with Red Steagall recordings of interviews with Enrique E. Guerra, Lawrence Wallace and Fayette Yates

Cowboy Corner

2015 Interview of Enrique E. Guerra

Enrique Guerra track 1

Enrique Guerra track 2

Cowboy Corner

2009 Interview of Lawrence Wallace

Cowboy Corner1997 Interviews of Fayette Yates

Fayette Yates track 1

Fayette Yates track 2

Fayette Yates track 3

Fayette Yates track 4

In Memory

Enrique E. Guerra


Enrique Guerra Explore the West

(3.04 minute YouTube video)

Enrique Guerra Collection ETW

(2.15 minute YouTube video)

Enrique Guerra Induction Ceremony National Cowboy Western Heritage Hall of Great Westerners

(28 minute YouTube video)

Brisco Museum video of Guerra Family History

[cattle herd pictured in this video are not CTLR longhorns or owned by the Guerra family]

Weldon Wilson 1944-2022:  featured in Texas Country Reporter episode.

Alice King     


Lawrence Wallace


Maudeen Marks


Fayette Yates


Yates Horn Collection Goes Public

Yates Horn Collection

Jim McEachern


J. Scott Horsak


Sonny Detmer


The Old Chisolm Trail

From Cow Path to Tourist Stop

by Wayne Ludwig

Foreward by Tom B. Saunders, IV

available at Amazon Smile

Signed copies may be ordered by calling TAMU Press or

email the Author.

Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry


Looking for Texas Longhorn beef?

Here is a list of CTLR members that offer beef sales.

Why Longhorn?  The nutritional profile surpasses other breeds,

but its the taste that will bring you back.


from 2020 annual meeting


from 2019 annual meeting

Livestock Conservancy declares Original (CTLR) Texas Longhorn cattle to be Critically Endangered.

Livestock Conservancy definition of a Heritage Breed

Slow Food USA Ark of Taste recognizes the

Heritage Texas Longhorn

Certified Longhorn Beef

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