Membership Application

Memberships are stored in our database in alphabetical order by last name. You may apply for a membership in the name of your ranch or business, if you prefer your animals be registered to the name of the company instead of an individual or couple. However, for ease of locating your membership in our system, please also include your name. Each Active/Life/Transferable Estate membership is entitled to one member vote. Couples are considered one vote unless each person has a separate membership. All communications with members are via email with exception of a yearly dues renewal statement sent USPS. We require both a US Postal address as well as an email address.
Name you wish shown as owner of cattle on registration certificates
One voter per membership
See membership level descriptions below.
Home, Business, Ranch
Spouse or Ranch Foreman
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Brands may be fire or freeze on hide or imprinted on ear tag. Owners are responsible for replacing lost ear tags.
  • Transferrable Estate Memberships are granted one vote to the named designated voter. Upon that person’s death or by written transfer, a subsequent person may be named designated voter.  The membership remains in perpetuity.

  • Lifetime Memberships grant one vote to the named designated voter.  The membership remains for the lifetime of that individual.

  • Active memberships are renewable annually.  The named designated voter is granted one vote during that fiscal year.

Please submit payment from the Mercantile Page or mail a check to:

Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Registry
P.O. Box 36
Tarpley, TX  78883

Membership Application Article 3 of the Bylaws provides Transferrable Estate, Lifetime, Active and Honorary memberships. In addition to requirements specified therein, entities must complete the following steps in order to obtain their membership and rights, powers and duties provided by the Bylaws. 

Transferrable Estate, Lifetime and Active Membership Persons wishing to obtain one of these categories of membership as set forth in Article 3, Section A, must: 

  • Submit a completed CTLR membership application form in compliance with Section I, A, of the Rules and Regulations.

  • Send this form to the Registry office accompanied by payment as specified in Section III, A, Fee Schedule section of the Rules and Regulations .

  • Cattle as specified in Section II, must then be registered with CTLR in the name of the applicant’s membership either through initial registration, subsequent registration, or transfer of ownership.Voting rights of Active, Lifetime and Transferrable Estate membership will not be granted to the applicant until this requirement is met. If the applicant cannot meet the requirement, the membership fee will be refundable upon request.

  • As stated in the Bylaws Article 3, Section B, each new membership shall be passed unanimously at each and every ensuing Board meeting. The rights of these memberships will not be granted to the applicant until this requirement is met. Should an applicant be denied membership as a direct result of Article 3, Section B, the applicant’s membership fee will be refunded.

Honorary Membership Individuals and Entities may be granted an Honorary member as specified in Article 3, Section A, of the Bylaws. 

Non-breeder Support Persons wishing to support the mission of Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Registry that do not own cattle qualifying them for a voting membership, are encouraged to make tax-deductible donations to Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Conservancy. 

New members are asked to download the Membership Booklet from the website. A link may be found on the Registrations page. The booklet includes Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, forms, procedures information, and Breed Standards illustrations. 

Issuance of Certificate Upon completion of all membership application requirements, one (1) Certificate of Membership will be issued to the member. 

                                   Fee Schedule

Transferrable Estate     $1500.00 each
Lifetime                        $  700.00 each
Active                            $    75.00 annually 

      Initials                     $     25.00 each/any age       
      Subsequents           $     15.00 each/any age

Visual Inspection               no charge

Additional Member     $      5.00 each

Certificate Reprint      $    10.00 each

NeoGen®/GeneSeek® SNP DNA map
                                       $   50.00 each  (assessed by Neogen®)

GeneSeek®/Igenity® Hair Card
                                       $     2.00 each  (ordered from registry)