Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry

Ensuring a Legacy

Membership Classifications

Estate*              $  1,500.00     one time fee

Lifetime*          $     700.00     one time fee

Active*             $       75.00     per year ending December 31

Youth                $        10.00    per year ending December 31

Supporter               Any donation amount to the

                                 Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn

                                 Conservancy is 100% tax-deductible.

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Membership for those who own Texas Longhorn cattle or those who are simply interested in helping Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry preserve and promote the Texas Longhorn is available and affordable. All members will receive a Certificate of Membership and complete information packet on cattle inspection and registration. A new DNA test for evidence of impurity was developed in 2010.  We use this gene map analysis and visual inspection to determine eligibility for registration.

*Estate, Lifetime and Active members must own at least two CTLR registered breeding animals (see Cattle Registration) and receive unanimous approval of the Board of Directors.

Founding, Estate, Lifetime and Active members shall be entitled to influence policy with a one-man, one-vote representation either from the floor or by phone or other electronic methods.

Membership is not restricted to county, state or country.



Love the Texas Longhorn, but don't own a ranch?

To learn of projects where you can help preserve this historic breed, please visit the website of our sister organization Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy, a public charity whose focus is on conservation, genetic research and public education.

CTLR licenses use of beef certification to qualified members.  Click logo for details.

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Payment for Membership on Mercanitle page.